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Man fell down after slipping on a banana peel

The Ten Worst Cliches of Fantasy and Sci-Fi

While it is true there is nothing new under the sun and that there are only seven stories in the world, some plot elements are over-used so often that the mere mention of them in a new piece of fiction is anathema. Whether you’re a budding writer, avid reader, or a film aficionado, here are […]

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Star Wars vs Star Trek

Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Make It So

  Should the Q ever indulge a sci-fi cross-over, Star Trek versus Star Wars would be the ultimate confrontation. Initially, First Contact and diplomatic relations would be established. Chewbacca and Worf would spar on the holodeck, Leia and Captain Janeway could discourse on the merits of one bun or two, and of course Luke and […]

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