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Pretty nerd girl with bright yellow glasses

There is nothing more fashionable that an over-sized pair of geeky glasses.  Who would have thought that being a nerd would be cool?  Well the time has finally come. The geeky prescription glasses craze is hitting the world by storm.  Some people are even purchasing non-prescription glasses simply for vanity, to cash in on the geeky look.

2011 has undoubtedly been the year for the Retro, Geeky, lets face it, the ultimate Nerd look.  To correct your vision or to complete your fashion outfit, geeky glasses are a must have for everyone.  They are the signature part of any geek’s wardrobe!

With the following four main categories of geeky glasses you can not go wrong.

The Iconic Wayfarer style

So, everyone interested in the geeky look will know the classic wayfarer style frame inspired by Ray-Ban.  Popular in both Sunglasses and prescription or costume glasses the frame is the ultimate nerd frame.  If you are looking to be a nerd but don’t want to step away from your geeky friends then be safe and go with this style frame.  Like a herd of geeks you will blend in with the many others that go for this style.  Your first step to becoming a geek without standing out too much from the crowd!  Buddy Holly loved them, go on bring back our fashion history!

Buddy Holly wearing wayfarers

The Clark Kent Style

Not shy to boast that you are a true geek, then the large Clark Kent style frame should be hot on your shopping list to becoming a nerd.  Totally not trendy, but you looking to be a geek, right? Theses will definitely make you rock that cool nerdy look! The Clark Kent style is a true classic dug up from the geeks of all geeks when big permed hair, neon colours and spandex pants were the height of fashion!  Give them a go, you never know they may make you into a super hero!

Clark Kent

Browline (Clubmaster) Style

What a truly inspirational frame, the 1950’s is back with vengeance.  The Browline style frame takes inspiration from the iconic Wayfarer style and most definitely optimizes the definition of cool!  Worn by the likes of Katie Perry and Justin Timberlake, if theses glasses are good enough for the famous well they are good enough for the fellow geeks!

Katy Perry

The Super Round Frame

How can you beat the classic round frame! If you are looking to impress people with a pretentious avant-garde-ness in your fashion sense then these are the frames for you.  Don’t just shun this retro frame as a fancy dress accessory, wear it with pride to unleash your inner nerd!  The super round frame will take you to the next level of being a nerd.  Johnny Depp is wearing them. Go on give them a go!

Johnny Depp

Emily works for Direct Sight who are one of the UK’s leading retailers of geek glasses online.

5 thoughts on “Become a Nerd with Geeky Glasses

  1. ggggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i love geeks

  2. Being nearly blind, and yes, a geek, I have a gazillion pairs of geeky glasses. To proclaim my authenticity (I haven’t made a fashion statement in years), I can’t have those thin, slim lens glasses due to my vision, as I need huge Kent frames that will allow me to get at least some degree of peripheral vision. I always keep an extra pair on me… and one in my car, my lab, and every room of the house because if I can’t find my glasses, I can only find them by putting on a spare pair. As you can guess, they all different colors so I know which one goes where, and they’re all equally geeky.

  3. I have lots of geeky glasses, they’re all “blanks” meaning not prescription glasses. I use them as nerd fashion accessories. I get lots of compliments. Sometimes I just buy oversized novelty sunglasses and take out the lenses, that’s a cheap way to get girl geeky eyeglasses or at least the frames.

    1. Interesting idea. I require glasses to see but mine are not the “cool” geek glasses. If I upgrade now to the hipster kind now I will be a Johnny-come-lately.

      I will have to wait until my old man styled specs come in to fashion.

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