Tribes: Ascend Offers The Top Free-To-Play Experience Available


Tribes: Ascend is a step above other free-to-play options currently available. It breaks the mold in nearly every area and ascends above other titles for that reason.

Currently, numerous free-to-play multiplayer games are available over the Internet. Users must download and play these games from their computer. Common downsides to these titles include poor graphics, clunky gameplay, and extra content that requires payment. These titles are generally considered low quality in comparison to games that must be purchased. For the time being, only a few games are considered exceptions that break the mold of low quality FTP games.

Play Tribes: Ascend from Hi-Rez Studios

With that in mind, “Tribes: Ascend” is the newest free-to-play multiplayer title and blows most alternatives out of the water. Critics are in agreement that this game sets the bar for all future FTP games in many ways. High quality graphics, crisp gameplay, and worthwhile additions combine to make this a game that anyone can enjoy. A better multiplayer experience online that costs nothing might not exist. Plus, this game does more than just beat other FTP alternatives. “Tribes” even manages to rival some of the paid games too.

Quick Guide

  • Fast-paced team play
  • Having to lead off shots makes hits more enjoyable
  • Graphics are smooth and crisp
  • Purchased items don’t break gameplay

Everything about “Tribes” is solid at the very least when it comes to free-to-play titles. For starters, the gameplay offers a unique twist on first-person shooters. The gameplay is fast-paced thanks to the jetpack and skiing system that further differentiates this title from all other options – paid or free. Instead of shooting directly at opponents, players are often required to lead their bullets in order to land a kill. Of course, that makes kills far less likely during matches.

However, gameplay is designed for teamwork and completing objectives. Different classes allow players to focus on different aspects of play. A team for a match might consist of heavily armored assault characters, fast and agile flag runners, or even defensive base building soldiers. This is both a fast-paced and tactical shooter that is unparalleled by the alternatives available. Also, players can quickly jump in without paying a penny to start enjoying themselves. Mastering the ski system takes time, but other aspects are easy to figure out.

Finally, “Tribes: Ascend” breaks the FTP mold by offering valuable purchase items. All free-to-play offerings make money by offering in-game items for real money. Most titles just throw in items that do not change gameplay or even make gameplay unfair for other players. “Tribes” actually offers players weapons, skins, and other items that are both reasonably priced and enrich the gameplay. In this area, the developers of “Ascend” have come very close to mastering the fine line between useful and useless in-game purchase.

In the end, “Tribes: Ascend” is a step above other free-to-play options currently available. This game breaks the mold in nearly every area and ascends above other titles for that reason. Gameplay is smooth, unique, and crisp on the computer and does not take long to learn. The graphics are not the best available but beat the competition nonetheless. Undoubtedly, this game’s biggest accomplishment is offering great in-game purchases at a reasonable rate. Plus, “Tribes” could almost rival some of the recent offerings from the market that require payment. Upcoming free-to-play titles have their work cut out for themselves because the bar has been raised.

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