Games Only a Nerd Could Love


Many strategy board games and video games started out as a nerd’s prime entertainment and have a unique feel and play style compared to mainstream games.

There are many mainstream games with popular board games like Monopoly and Scrabble as well as video games like Call of Duty. However, many strategy board games and video games started out as a nerd’s prime entertainment and have a unique feel and play style compared to mainstream games. Here is a look at video and board games that only a nerd could love:

1)Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension

Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension – SNES

One of the nerdiest shows around was Dragon Ball Z, a famous anime that originated in Japan and captured the imagines of many in the United States as well. Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension for Supter Nintendo game was a simple street fighter style game with the Dragon Ball theme that had all of your favorite DBZ moves like spirit bomb.

2)Dungeons and Dragons

The Dungeons & Dragons Experience PT 1

Dungeons and Dragons is probably the ultimate nerd game only surpassed by live action role playing (LARPing). Besides the turn based diced rolling combat, the role-playing aspect of the game is what takes the gold medal of nerdiness. Also known as DnD, the game is the main inspiration behind tons of fantasy, video, and MMORP games today.

3)Magic the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering “Five Color Mana” Commercial

Magic the Gathering is one card game that is a huge money sink for hundreds of thousands of card collector and game fanatics around the world. The game is based around five main colors – red, blue, black, white, and green – that represent themes of play style that makes for a wide range of combinations of solid and multi-color decks. Success in the game is determined both before the actual game with creating a strategic deck and in the actual game with on-your-feet thinking.

4)Everquest 1

Everquest Gameplay Video 1

Everquest Classic is the MMORPG that made MMOs a popular type of video game and revolutionized PC gaming. Everquest is such a awesomely nerdy video game that it has action figures, volumes of lore, dozens of expansions, and fanboys (and girls!) that dress up for conventions. The game is and was so addicting that it earned the nicknamed “Evercrack.”


Warhammer Online Cinematic Trailer

Warhammer is a similar game to Magic the Gathering in that it requires a lot of monetary investment in addition to collecting different pieces for personalized strategy. Unlike Magic, this game requires little action figurines that represent different “MOBS”, or units in your army, that have various strengths and abilities. Nerds from all over gather for tournaments to face off their armies on unique terrains where they strategically place their figurines.

6)Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate Intro

Baldur’s Gate was a PC game series that was modeled after the Dungeons and Dragons board games. The game had moderate graphics for its time with a unique party gamestyle where you could choose various classes like mage, rogue, warrior, monk, druid, and many more. The game had a fantasy storyline with strategic turn based gameplay and a rich combat and gear system that made it a DnD fans dream come true.

7)World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Addict

It wouldn’t be a post about nerdy video games without mentioning the most popular MMORPG to exist – World of Warcraft. This MMO is based off of the popular warcraft series and has attracted over 10 million nerds across the world. Some people take the game so seriously that really advanced accounts have sold for thousands of dollars to other WoW fans.

Nerds are on everywhere and on the rise. The definition of “nerd” may vary from person to person, but there are some games out there that most people would agree are made for nerds. What are some of your favorite nerdy games?

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