5 Real Life Safe Houses That Will Survive The Impending Apocalypse


The world and his dog seem to be harping on about the end of the world these days. If it isn’t the rapture, then it’s a zombie apocalypse. On the flipside, such doom and gloom has inspired creative architects to construct these pretty awesome safe houses.

In the past several decades there has been a lot of hype over end of the world scenarios from a zombie apocalypse to the unfolding of the book of revelations.  With a countless number of possible natural and manmade disasters, some people have taken extreme measures to protect themselves with safe houses that would look great in a Friday night thriller.  Here are six killer safe houses that were actually built in real life.

1)     Mostly Underground Hobbit House

credit: MamaStrawberry

This house looks like something the hobbits out of Lord of the Rings lived in, only it actually exists in Vals, Switzerland.  The house is covered on three sides and is built into a hill with one side exposed for entrance.  The house is unique in its design as it almost eliminates the need for heating and cooling systems with the natural insulation of the Earth itself.  The house would be perfect in case of a disaster, especially one involving high winds and rain.  The underground structure would help prevent the structure from being lifted up in case of a tornado.

2)    House built inside the entrance of a cave

credit: docealfajor

This unique piece of architecture is located in a large sandstone cave in Festus, Missouri and was built by Curt and Deborah Sleeper as an energy-efficient and stable residence.  Since your HVAC system can be a substantial portion of your heating bill, this house would require much less electricity without the need for an HVAC.  The cave walls insulate the house in both the summer and winter.  With three sides guarded by stone, the house is well protected against most natural disasters.  An earthquake could pose a potential problem depending on how sturdy the cave is.  However, if an earthquake is large enough to shake the foundation of stone then there are probably not many manmade structures that could survive that anyway.

3)    Renovated Old Launch Station


This former launch control center in the Adirondack Mountains of NY has been renovated and turned into a perfect safe house underground.  There is approximately 2300 square feet underground fully equipped with dining, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  The underground space is completely removed from above ground natural disasters like tornados and hurricanes.  While it is still exposed to the risk of earth quakes, being built into the ground is more stable than a building on top of the ground that can topple over or lose balance.

4)   Stone Square House in Warsaw, Poland

credit: jgreenaway

This beautiful piece of architecture and engineering in Warsaw, Poland has generated a lot of buzz and is the epitome of a zombie apocalypse safe house.  The house is designed to turn into a complete concrete square on all four sides with no entrance from the outside, cameras everywhere, and no windows to see in.  The house is built with solid stone making it extremely durable against many natural disasters and impenetrable by humans (or zombies!).

5)    Underground Desert Home


This home is located in the dessert where temperatures can be very high, humidity low, and water low as well.  It is a tough environment for plants and animals to survive in with constant exposure to the sun without shade.  However, this house is built to counter some of those effects by going underground and providing a suitable environment for growing plants.  In case of potential solar flares or extreme high temperatures, having a house insulated by the earth and out of the rays of the sun would be extremely beneficial.

These are some pretty impressive safe houses that would stand the test against the many natural disasters the Earth has faced through the years.  Whether or not they could withstand an apocalypse is up for debate, but these houses certainly have some of the best chances on Earth.

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