Google Is Now A Historian


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You may be wondering what Google has been up to lately, well, recent plans from the Google cultural institute is to make historical artifacts available over the net. That’s right the artifacts that you used to have to visit at museum will now be available from the net. Now museums can upload these artifacts to the internet.

What will this include? Well, one of the things that Google plans to do is offer digitized versions of scrolls. This is a huge advancement in the way humans have used technology. A museum is quite limited in the sense that only a limited number of people can visit a museum yearly. Putting these artifacts online makes it available to a broader audience. With a museum the traffic was more limited.

Statistics show that traffic to the museum was around 60,000 people in a year. In a single month, Google has already provided that much traffic. It is a service that will bring culture to the internet. So far it is not something that is widely known. Google has been keeping it under wraps.

The team that is working on this project is just a team of engineers. The engineers plan to set up tools that will easily allow museums to upload and digitize any collections of artifacts they might have.

Google has planned some conferences in the future for YouTube. This is still a project that is in the works, but it is expected to revolutionize the way we are able to view museums. Being able to visit the material online is even more convenient than going to a museum.

Google considers this an investment that will not yield any immediate financial returns. They understand that it might take a while for this idea to catch on. So far Google has not made a big deal out of it, and have only put a small logo ‘Powered by Google’ at the bottom of the page.

Google says, “They don’t want to come across as the bad guy.”

So, you never know, pretty soon a wide variety of artifacts might be available for your viewing. All from the comfort of your internet connection.

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  1. Google is moving into everything possible, it really shows the dominance they have over other search engines such as Bing and yahoo

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