Star Trek 2 – To Khan or Not to Khan?

Captain Kirk yelling Khan's name

You know you are saying KHAAAN!! right now

So, like a typical fan-boy I got thoroughly excited when rumors started spreading about Benicio del Toro playing Khan in the new Star Trek. In my opinion, del Toro’s intensity would have been prefect for the role.

But no, it was just a rumor, and it looks like one of my favorite actors will not be portraying one of my favorite Star Trek villains. J.J. Abrams said that del Toro was to play someone else in the film, and not Khan. Now, it looks like del Toro has dropped out entirely!

To continue said rumors, Abrams is auditioning Hispanic actors for whatever role del Toro was supposedly going to play. Is there still a chance that Khan will show up?

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