How to Be the Most Annoying Student EVER!


There’s always THAT guy in the classroom. The one with the snide remarks or the one who sits in the back not paying attention at all. If you are interested about how students can be so annoying sometimes, check this out. These are the best ways to be that annoying student who your professors love so much.

No such thing as a dumb question?

The very first day of class usually consists of going through the syllabus. Then your professor usually says something about how you should read it all again when you get home. Make sure that on the first day you ask lots of questions that are answered directly in the syllabus. Also, ask questions that other students have already asked. You can even preface the question with this statement, “I don’t know if anyone has asked this yet, but…”

Who needs a computer?

Who says that just because there are computers everywhere nowadays, you have to type all of your papers? No way! Just hand write them on lined or even graph paper and hand it in. Your hand writing isn’t THAT bad right? There are also no staples to be found ever, so why go on the hunt for them? You can always just fold the corners over on all your papers and that should suffice.

Text lots

During a lecture, be as inconspicuous as possible when it comes to texting. Put it on your lap and look up every once in awhile mid-text so it just LOOKS like you’re paying attention to the professor. He or she will never know what is really going on under the desk. Professors are too busy lecturing to notice whether or not their students are paying attention, right?

Late work?

Make sure to ask your professor at the beginning of the semester if they accept late work, and if so how late? Also, ask if they mark it down at all and how much. These things will be very important to know just in case you ever forgot to do an assignment or just don’t want to do it the day that it’s due. Your professor should understand that being in college is all about having fun and that work should not be a priority. If they don’t accept late work, walk away and mutter something about it on your way out.

If you get bored…

It’s great to listen to music at the same time you listen to your teacher. If you hide the cord well enough, the professor will never even know. The great thing about this is that if you get bored, you always have something to fall back on. You can also bring your laptop and go on Facebook or YouTube. Your professor will think that you are taking notes. When you laugh at something funny on YouTube, they will most likely think you are just laughing at their jokes!

If you can adapt all of these things in your every day life, you will be known amongst other students and professors as the MOST annoying student EVER. So, good luck on your endeavor and good luck graduating. If you act like this, you are going to need all the luck you can get!

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