Holiday Pranks: The Short-Sheet and the Toilet Bowl Fortune


Wondering how to make this holiday season more memorable than the last? Here are two holiday pranks you can pull that will not only entertain you, but bring a smile to your friends and family. Why not try mixing up your holiday celebrations this year with a few clever pranks?

If you are stuck in a house that is overflowing with friends and family, don’t get annoyed with overcrowding, use it to your advantage! Here are a few things you can do to lighten the mood and have a good laugh while you’re at it.

Short-sheeted bed.

Frustrated Lady With a Pillow

This prank is a favorite for young kids to do because it can be effective on any family member, including grandma (unless she’s sick, then I wouldn’t recommend it!). With family and friends gathering all in one house, the sleeping situation makes the occasion ripe for a good prank.

Sometime during the day when everyone is busy doing other things, sneak into the bedrooms and short-sheet all the beds. Don’t know what that is? It’s easy.

  • Take off the top blankets and untuck the top sheet from the base of the bed and fold it to the top, aligning it just below it’s top end. Essentially, the top sheet will now be folded in half.
  • Then put the other blankets back on top as if nothing had been misplaced.
  • When they go to get into bed that night, they’ll pull back the top layer of the sheet(which will actually be the bottom end).

As they slip their legs into bed, they’ll get a rude surprise when they can only go halfway down! Just be cautious with this one since it can make people a bit grumpy, especially if they are particularly tired!

Toilet bowl fortunes.

Man peering out from a toilet seat

Make using the bathroom fun for the whole family! What you’ll need to carry off this highly entertaining prank is simply a roll of thick toilet paper, a permanent marker,  and witty rhetoric.

The task is simple: write a clever joke, funny saying, or fortune on a few squares of paper, and leave it floating on the top of the water in the toilet bowl. If you want to go full-scale on this prank, you can pre-write all of your messages beforehand, and then strategically place them in the toilet throughout the day. This is also an excellent plan if you hope to carry out this prank in a public restroom.

For longer floating time for your TP, if you predict it will be a while before someone uses the bathroom, when you float your paper in the water, make sure the edges of it are stuck to the porcelain on the sides of the bowl so that it will be less likely to sink. The hardest part of this prank is thinking of messages to write. You can make them individualized for a certain family member if you know they’ll be the next to use the bathroom, or you can make general statements.

Here are a few to try out:

  • “The joke’s on poo!”,
  • “Who goes there?”,
  • “There’s nothing like sticky buns in the morning.” or
  • “Warning: Flammable!”.

You may even want to write a few fortunes:

  • “You will soon be relieved of a great burden”or
  • “Take time to sit and ponder”.

Be as creative as you want, there are no limits to the notes you can leave for family or strangers!

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