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Ever since the bucket list, it seems that now Nerds have come out with their list. The Nerd list is the top five things that you want to be nerdy about and enjoy doing it. This is difficult because part of being a Nerd is being your own individual self, which means no two lists, are the same.

The idea of your own Nerd list might make popularity on U-Tube, Twitter, Facebook, and other places that Nerds hang out. You need to declare yourself as a Nerd or be socially acceptable as a Nerd before your list can become a hit as the top five things that a Nerd wants to enjoy doing. Today there are famous people who claim to be a Nerd or were a Nerd before they became famous so they too may join in on making the Nerd list.

You need to start watching Twitter so that when you create your list it does not compete with one of the famous “Nerds” that always make a hit. You might think that this is a joke but the truth is starting something as a Nerd goes over big in the social media world today. People who claim to be a Nerd are usually called that before they realize the fact that they are a Nerd.

Those who are real Nerds go about their business with a smile inside saying, “look at me Jock” I am a Nerd and proud of it. Now back to the Nerd list, what do you think that the top five Nerdy things would be?

The Nerd List

  1. Read a book all day
  2. Watch Sci-fi for 72 hours
  3. Play Computer games
  4. Dress like movie star and go to the movies
  5. Wear Nerdy clothes to work

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  1. Hhhmmm… Anyone ever hear of that great podcast called The Nerd List. It’s really good, and you can find them on iTunes or at their website,

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