The Top Five Electronics of 2011


2011 began the new decade with a technological bang. Products that once only appeared in science fiction magazines were popping-up on store shelves around the world. Homes and businesses were suddenly filled with gizmos and gadgets from another time.

Here are the top five electronics of 2011:

1) Cyberdyne Challenge Hybrid Assistive Limb – HAL

The “Iron Man” films have sparked an interest in an actual suit that can boost someone’s physical output. Well, Cyberdyne has created that suit.

Their Hybrid Assistive Limb, HAL, is an advanced exoskeleton that can improve the strength and mobility of the disabled, injured and elderly. The suit recognizes nerve signals in the wearer, allowing the person to operate it just by thinking. This intent-technology could have amazing applications in the future.

2) Voltaic Spark Solar Tablet Case

These days, more and more companies, families and individuals are “going green.” This has led Voltaic to create one of their best products: the Spark Solar Tablet Case.

This item uses the sun’s energy to power laptops, tablets, music devices and other portable techs. All you do is slide the device onto the case and watch as it’s powered without having to be plugged in.

3) Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft has made a comeback into the electronics world with Kinect, a motion-sensing device that allows users to play games without a controller.

By using spoken commands, unique gestures and voice and facial recognition software, Kinect engages the entire body, instead of just the hands, creating a more seamless gaming experience. And because the console isn’t confined to a set number of controllers, many more people are able to participate.

4) Samsung 8000 Series LED 3D

Samsung’s 8000 Series LED 3D may be the best television out there right now. Its refresh rate of 240 Hz, coupled with state-of-the-art HD resolution, make it a 3D lover’s dream. The TV is also Skype-enabled, and comes packed with countless internet apps. It’s also incredibly thin – less than an inch thick.

5) Garmin 3790 T

Garmin, a Swiss-based technology company, has introduced the best-of-the-best when it comes to GPS tracking. This touch screen device is thin, light and mobile. It is Bluetooth-supported with voice-recognition enhancement and 3D graphics for optimal navigation.

These are just five of the great electronics available in 2011. They are new, creative and revolutionary. And with the year more than halfway over, 2012 promises to deliver even better products.

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