Weekly Geeky Digest – 08/27/2011

Nerdy Girl in Glasses

I am going to start a weekly collection(who am I kidding, I could never commit to a routine) of cool things I discovered on the interwebs. Hopefully you will find them interesting.

The Netflix Aftermath Wars: Blockbuster versus Redbox

I have to admit, I’ve never seen a Blockbuster DVD kiosk. And in my city of 200k there are zero Blockbusters anymore. It’s sad. The end of an era.

Aurora Over Greenland

Aurora over Greenland
No really, this is Earth.

Stunning picture that looks like an alien world. (warning. Nasa’s astronomy pic of the day site will cause you to lose track of time and stop performing daily hygiene rituals)

Steve Jobs Resigns

This isn’t big news anymore, but Tim Cook who is taking over is an Auburn Grad. War Eagle!

What is going on with Blood and Chrome?

Ok, this is my sci-fi store’s blog, but you didn’t know that until I just told you.  After I posted this I read that B&C might be a web-only series!!!  SyFy needs to get their heads out of their a#@.


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