You Know You’re a Techno-Geek When…

You might be a techno geek..

You get kidded all the time: Your friends tease you. Your family ridicules you, and you still think they’re all just jealous. Your state of denial is so encompassing, that you were awarded its own zip code, but still you resist admitting it, for its intensely personal. But how do you know you’re not just a gadget-lover but a Techno-Geek?

You might be a techno geek..

Inside the Home

You know you’re a techno-geek when

1. The most-used furniture that you own is your computer chair.
2. Your printer is used more than your kitchen.
3. Your cell phone plan fee is higher than your utility bill.
4. Your idea of the perfect wall art is Sharp’s 108-inch flat screen TV.
5. You are saving to purchase Sharp’s 108-inch flat screen TV.

You know you’re a techno-geek when

6. You have an electronics control console in the arm of your Lay-Z-Boy.
7. You named your pets Bluetooth and WiFi.
8. You have a locked display case filled with knock-offs of every James Bond gadget ever made. And they work.
9. You use remote-control toys wrapped in cloth to sweep your floors.
10. You use an electric broom for tough jobs those toys just can’t handle.

And you know you’re a techno-geek when

11. Your favorite jammies have a bar-code print pattern.
12. You use the land line cord to open or close your drapes.
13. You need a forklift to move your stereo speakers.

Outside the Home

You know you’re a techno-geek when

1. You check FourSquare to get a discount on gum.
2. You update your Facebook status at work to reflect when you take your 10-minute break.
3. You check PriceMatch from your cell phone en route to a gas station to stretch your transportation budget.
4. Your vanity license plate reads, “LAN-ROVER.”
5. Your resume cover letter offers a texted interview option for their convenience.

You know you’re a techno-geek when

6. You suffer a panic attack whenever you leave your iPad at home.
7. You exclaim, “l-o-l!” at funny stories you hear.
8. Your idea of having a night out with friends includes a pool game app.
9. Every Halloween, you dress as Robot from Lost in Space.
10. Your signature actually looks like your signature when you sign for a charge card purchase at Walmart.
11. You bring your own espresso machine to Starbucks.
12. You use a thumbprint scanner, a retina scanner and voice recognition program to open your office door.
13. Everyone else just turns the knob.

In the General Scheme of Things

Overall, you know you’re a techno-geek when

1. Your idol is R2D2.
2. You hold the world record for the largest collection of remote control units.
3. You forget to click your pen because your stylus doesn’t do that.
4. You don’t recall what a postage stamp is because you use online bill pay exclusively.
5. You started reading for pleasure again when e-book readers were invented.

You can’t deny you’re a techno-geek when

6. You sent a request to your favorite tech magazines to offer e-book reader RSS feeds.
7. You sink into a depression if your cell phone charger breaks between paychecks.
8. You can program any VCR and DVR on the face of the planet. With your eyes closed.
9. You e-laugh louder than u do in RL.
10. You hyperventilate from excitement when Radio Shack or Spencer’s has a sale.

And it’s definitely confirmed you’re a techno-geek when

11. Your favorite films are RoboCop, Odyssey 2000 and all the Star Trek movies.
12. You have every member of your local Geek Squad on speed dial, and finally,
13. You installed LoJack on your car’s GPS device, too.

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  1. You for sure know you’re a techno geek when your favorite music is of course well… what do you think?

    “techno” what else?

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