The Future of Technology

Gears in the shape of a human brain.

We technophiles often have a tough time keeping up with the ever evolving world of technology. There are only so many magazines that one can subscribe to, only so many websites that one can bookmark and only so much time in the day to try to keep up with it all. For those of us that have an interest in a wide range of different subjects, it can be even more daunting. The sheer speed at which technology and science is advancing is almost too much for the mind to handle.

Luckily, I have found a solution to the woes of the technophile:

I fell in love with this site the moment that someone turned me on to it. Nearly any interest that strikes your fancy can be found on ted – neuroscience, robotics, technology-enhanced art and music, business, astronomy, and so many others. All the information is contained in video format (though more can be found through the links) that generally range from 10 to 45 minutes in length.

The site is basically a huge database of talks recorded at the TED (Technology Entertainment Design) events that are held regularly around the world. These conferences host some of the most intelligent and innovative minds in the world, speaking about their latest designs or about solutions for the many problems that face the world today. Geniuses such as Bill Gates and Ray Kurzweil are but a few of the prominent figures who have spoken on multiple occasions for TED.

Information from TED doesn’t just cover the realm of what is currently being made or developed, but delves deeper. Speakers often discuss their projections of the future based on data that they have painstakingly researched. Inspirational talks are also part of the program, addressing pressing human issues. The database of videos is constantly updated, so one does not have to wait long before there’s something else available from another brilliant mind.

It’s easy to lose hours digging through the archives of TED. This is time well spent, however, loading the brain with new facts and tuning you into the waves of future development that will impact all our lives. Some of the innovations that speakers talk about seem like they belong more in the realm of a science fiction novel than real life, but the proof is there on the stage.

Visions of the future are becoming the reality of today, and people everywhere are trying their hardest to speed the process up. It’s exciting to me that these great thinkers have an outlet like TED to show the world what they are doing. Aside from simply satisfying the techno-lust of people like myself, they also generate hype and attract others of like mind who seek to help, whether through brain power or monetary power. In the end this means that those of us sitting on the outside may get to see our science fiction fantasies come true before our time on earth is up.

Anyone who wants to get a glimpse of what the future is going to be like should spend some time on No matter what your interests might be, there is something in there that will catch your imagination and blow your mind.

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  1. Easy to lose hours is right! I just spent the better part of the evening sifting through TED’s videos, and can already tell I’ll lose tomorrow too. Great site!

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