Cool Space Pictures I Scanned Today

Orbital Workshop Spacecraft Conceptual Drawing

I need to research this and see if it ever came to pass.

Just popped open the box on my new flatbed scanner.  I have always wanted one for some unknown reason.  Only took just a few minutes to set up and install.  But I discovered a problem. With 2 printers, cell phone, keyboard, mouse, camera, desktop hard drive and NOW a scanner I’m getting low on USB ports.  Good thing I haven’t been playing LOTRO lately, that frees up the port my headphones used.

The photographs themselves have seen better days and I’m sure somebody on the net has better copies but I thought they were interesting.  Click on the image to get more detail.

Anyway, here are the pictures

Nimbus Satellite Conceptual Drawing
Wonder when this burned up in the atmosphere
Orbital Geophysical Observatory Satellite Conceptual Drawing
Another satellite conceptual drawing
Orbital Workshop Spacecraft Conceptual Drawing
I'm guessing this is Skylab, good thing they changed the name.
Skylab in orbit
Skylab, last seen headed to Australia.
Shuttle Enterprise Landing
Not commanded by James T. Kirk
The Sun as viewed through a telescope
Oh boy the sun. I'm guessing it came from Skylab.

And to answer the question, Yes, I am the kind of guy that has space pictures laying around.

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