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Agent looking at computer with magnifying glass

FBI Looking to Expand Wiretap Abilities to the Internet

It has been revealed that the FBI is requesting that major internet corporations like Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, and Google open the doors of their messaging and communications programs to allow wiretaps.

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Google plus Facebook equals Doom

Google + Facebook = Doom

Google and Facebook are both among the most potentially evil corporations imaginable. If they’re not releasing your private information with ‘accidental’ security breeches, they’re picking and choosing what information they think you should know. Can you imagine if the two joined forces? What a nightmare! Here are my predictions for the horrors that would befall […]

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The Five Most Stupid Things People Do on Facebook

There’s a ton of articles making noise on the web about stupid things people do on social media sites to get themselves fired. While being conscientious about the fact your boss and coworkers can see your posts is great, it’s not the end of the line. Although some geeks are very Facebook etiquette-savvy, others need […]

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Natalie Portman as Queen Amidala

Women of Sci-Fi Spotlight: Natalie Portman

Sharing the birth date of June 9th with other A-listers Johnny Depp and Michael J. Fox, Natalie Portman’s success almost seems predestined. Recognized primarily for her portrayal of Padme Amidala in Star Wars episodes one through three, Natalie is also an accomplished scholar with a love of mathematics “because there’s always an answer.” A two-time […]

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