The Five Most Stupid Things People Do on Facebook


There’s a ton of articles making noise on the web about stupid things people do on social media sites to get themselves fired.

While being conscientious about the fact your boss and coworkers can see your posts is great, it’s not the end of the line. Although some geeks are very Facebook etiquette-savvy, others need the information below.

Here are five other completely idiotic habits that are either dangerous, annoying, or a combination of both.

Not Locking Your Profile Down

If you don’t pick the right security options, complete strangers can see that adorable photo of your kids you use as your profile picture, or maybe even your entire collection of photos.

The pedo down the street just smiled and sent you a friend request with a note entitled ‘Farm Town Neighbor?’.

Sleazy looking guy
Show me more

Photos of your kids belong in folders marked ‘friends only’. Not ‘friends of friends’ and most certainly not ‘everyone’! The same goes for your bio and contact information.

Using Foursquare or Making Posts About Your Whereabouts

You do realize that your home address is probably a few clicks away using Google or any number of sites such as or, right?

So why on Earth would you announce to your entire friends list, including the weirdos you barely know, that your home is empty and ripe for being burgled? Are you insane?

Burglar stealing computer monitor
Hope you're having fun at the beach.


Even the most locked-down profile can be seen by the wrong person. If you wouldn’t trust every person on your friends list to roam about your home alone, keep your whereabouts private.

Photos and posts about vacation or that great diner downtown can and should wait until you get home.

Not Utilizing the ‘Lists’ Function

I do not need an entire wall full of your game posts. However, I don’t want to hide you in case you actually post something. So I have to block every single game you play until, hallelujah, they are all blocked.

Do your friends a favor. Set up lists for each game you play and then only publish game awards, achievements, help requests, and bonus items to that specific group.

Your high score on Mahjong is only important to other Mahjong enthusiasts. The rest of us are just weary of it.

Failing to Understand and Use Groups

If you have eighty-five cousins, for goodness’ sake make a group for them and do all your talking there!

I don’t need or want to know about Great Aunt Gertrude’s hemorrhoid surgery or the endless posts about which family potato salad recipe is being made for the reunion.

The same goes for your live-action role-play group, church organization, or barbershop quartet.

This is frustrating and too much information, especially for friends who may in turn be friends with multiple people you know. Groups are great and easy to navigate- just do it!

This is Not a Billboard

If you sell Amway, Avon, Fuller Brush, Watkins Products, Tastefully Simple, or PartyLite, good for you. I don’t want any.

Woman motioning stop
No thank you


No, not even if you send me invites to your presentation ‘parties’ where I will be expected to buy something.

While an occasional post, perhaps once every six months, to your entire friend population may be acceptable, constantly nagging your friends to buy overpriced baubles to support you is kind of shameful.

If you use Facebook to communicate with those who are interested in what you’re selling, use a list and leave me off of it.

Bad Facebook behavior may not get you fired, but it can make you seem clueless, inept, or downright irresponsible.

Not exactly the image you were hoping to project? Follow these tips and your friends will thank you.

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