Linknami’s Social Ads Review


Linknami’s social network advertising page offers businesses the opportunity to connect with both social media experts and those who have a large influence on social media.

What Are Social Ads?

The service operates by allowing individuals with a large following, either on Facebook or Twitter, to sign up as publishers. These publishers then Tweet or post an advertisement to Facebook for any company that hires them via Linknami to do so.

It is becoming rather common in the social networking world to see people with a large social circle participating in paid tweeting and posting. Advertisements contained within tweets and Facebook posts can range from a blurb about a new movie all the way to a glowing review about a new brand of shampoo.

Twitter and Facebook have guidelines about these types of paid posts and Linknami’s service guarantees that any paid posts that their publishers run will be fully compliant.

Design Critique

Header Graphic for Linknami Social Ads

The Linknami website is easy to navigate and has a generally attractive design. The incorporation of a colorful and easy to understand graphic at the top of the social advertising page gets the point across without the need for words. Underneath this graphic, however, is a long list of FAQs about what it means to sign up as an advertiser of a publisher.

While this information is important, the lengthy way in which it’s presented may leave people with the urge to stop reading. This is an issue that also occurs throughout all of the subsequent pages on the Linknami website.

A more engaging way to present this information would have been to select the top five bullet points and place those in a larger font on the social advertising main page, followed by a link to the full list.

Not only would this be more conducive to the way the typical person utilizes the internet, but it might also help Linknami attract a larger number of publishers and advertisers.

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  1. This seems like an interesting way of advertising. Also it’s beneficial for the person since he’s getting paid in a way. It’s a win-win situation for both the company and the person.

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