Holiday Pranks: The Ding-Dong Ditch and Meatloaf Pie


Wondering how to make this holiday season more memorable than the last? Here are two holiday pranks you can pull that will not only entertain you, but bring a smile to your friends and family. Why not try mixing up your holiday celebrations this year with a few clever pranks? To make your holiday happenings more full of fun and adventure, making time in your schedule to pull off these two pranks. They are guaranteed to create unforgettable holiday memories!

Ding-Dong Ditch.

Woman Laughing in front of Door at Christmas time

I’m sure you’ve heard of the ding-dong ditch before. If not, you may have heard of one of its many other names: Dong and Dash, Ring and Run, Know, Knock, Ginger(England), Nicky Nicky Nine Door(Canada).  Whatever its name, there’s a world of possibilities for pulling this classic prank. Traditionally, the point of this game is to simply ring someone’s doorbell, run as if a hungry lion were after you, then hide and watch their reaction as they make the effort to go to the door and find no one there. After doing this two or three times, you are sure to get a very hilarious response.

Honestly though, this can get old. Why not try something a bit more pleasant like leaving a plate of cookies or other holiday treat before you ding and ditch? If you really want to get serious about this, then you can play the 12 days of Christmas and leave a different present at their door every day.

Here are a few tips to being successful at your ding dong ditch:

  • scope out the scene beforehand so you have a good place to hide,
  • go at night,
  • wear dark clothing, and
  • have a getaway car just up the street.

If you have all these thing, your ding-dong ditch will be a success!

Chocolate Mint Pie.

Tired of serving up the same pies every Thanksgiving and Christmas? Try making this faux chocolate mint pie. Instead of a chocolatey mint pie, they’ll get a meaty treat! There are many variations for this prank, but the simplest is to make a basic meatloaf  and cook it in a pie pan.

You can use pretty much any meatloaf recipe for this, whether you found it on the internet or it’s your grandma’s famous meatloaf recipe.

  • After it’s been thoroughly cooked, mix up some mashed potatoes made extra creamy with milk and butter.
  • Add whatever enticing food coloring you like to the mix.
  • Green color can easily be mistaken for mint, red for strawberry,  yellow for lemon, etc.
  • If you are feeling particularly healthy, you could mix beet juice with the potatoes to not only turn them pink, but add a beet flavor.
  • “Frost” the top of your meatloaf pie with mashed potatoes.
  • You can even put a sprig of mint leaves on top to make it look authentic.
  • Ask someone not in on the prank to cut the pie and dish it up for the rest.

Their face will be classic when they pull out that first slice and the bottom of the pie is most definitely not what they were expecting! If you really want to make this pie look convincing all the way until the first bite, you can try making a variation of a shepherd’s pie by leaving out the vegetables and adding barbecue sauce, molasses and cocoa instead.  This filling will make it look like some kind of chunky chocolate concoction in the bottom.

The best part of this prank is that you can actually eat what you make!

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