How Nerds Can Finally Get the Girl With Online Dating


Nerds have never had the reputation for getting the girl. These science fiction lovers, constantly daydream about the pretty, outgoing party girls, but rarely have the courage to ask them out.

Unfortunately, the thick-skulled meat-heads usually swoop in before the nerd has mustered enough courage to take the next step. Fortunately, we are living in the golden age of the internet.

Nerds can use their superior intellect and advanced internet skills to hook up with the girl they’ve been pining over. If a nerd can resist the temptation of a 12 hour World of Warcraft binge, he’ll have the time to fill out a dating profile and start contacting some hotties.

Here are some rules nerds must abide by if they want to be successful with online dating:

1) Lower Your Standards

Everyone always wanted the pretty cheerleader in high school, but if you are truly a nerd, you don’t have a chance with a girl like her. It’s time to lower your expectations and find a girl that will accept you for who you really are. There are all types of girls that try online dating. Fat ones, skinny ones, pretty ones, ugly ones, and girls that dress up like video game characters (your target demographic).

Try doing a keyword searches for interests like “W.O.W., star trek, star wars, and magic the gathering”.

This should help you find a girl who stays up late watching the sci-fi channel and will love that you can program computers in 3 different languages. Girls like these love nerds, because they are also nerds at heart.

Common interests are one of the key factors to a successful relationship. If you can find a girl that shares your interests, you might finally have the opportunity to score.

2) Taking A Profile Picture

Your dating profile and picture is going to be your key to success with online dating. You are going to need a profile picture that accentuates your best features and attributes.

Walk upstairs from your basement apartment and ask your mom if she can take your picture for your dating profile. Get ready for the picture by showering, combing your hair, and brushing your teeth. Make sure to brush the Cheetos dust off your lips and try to smile big.

Getting a good profile picture is essential for success. A good picture will draw single girls to your profile page where they can get to know who you are. Revealing who you “really” are on your profile is important.

If you are a nerd, be proud of it. Pretending to be someone you are not, will make a first date disastrous. Being totally honest on a profile is essential and very important for success in dating.

3) Exercising and Getting Out

Nerds often prefer drinking mountain dew and eating slim jims, over any type of physical exercise. In this case, they might need to shed a few pounds. Jogging a mile or two every other day will help you lose that belly fat and may even add some muscle tone to your pasty physique.

If you are pale as a ghost like most oddball intellectuals, try leaving the house everyday to get some color. Getting out in the sun can add a little color to your face, and make you appear healthy. If you live near the beach, go lay out for a while. Make sure you apply adequate sunblock, because your ghost white skin can turn into a bright red mess if you forget.

4) Contacting The Girls

Nerds are by definition socially awkward. But, the internet will allow them to artfully craft an email message which will convey what type of person they are, and what skills you have (nun chucks, bow hunting, etc).

Many dating experts recommend that you do NOT compliment a girl on her looks in your email. Girls get messaged frequently by guys on these sites who are total pervs.

Sending girls a message like “U R HOT”, or “HI BB”, will not cut the mustard. Guys that have success on these sites talk to the girls about their interests, hobbies, and music they like.

If you really like a girl, read her profile and get to know what she wants before you craft your message. Remember, try to have fun.

Mike runs the site Dating Tips 1, which teaches people of all kinds how to have success in online dating. It focuses on body language interpretation, profile creation, and relationship advice.

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  1. there is a geek dating site gk2gk for geeks and nerds. there are girl nerds and girl geeks are looking for their perfect nerd or geek match. you can’t expect to get an ultra hot babe if you’re a nerd, unless you’re very rich haha

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