Where to Meet Smart Ladies (And Places to Avoid)

Nerdy Girl in Glasses

Nerdy Girl in Glasses

Now that you know how to date successfully, many of you are already whining. “But Matt, where do we meet the ladies? I work hunched in a cubicle, surrounded by a hundred other guys. The only female I see daily works at the Starbucks in the lobby, and she’s a grandma to sixteen!” Relax, guys, I’ve got you covered. While Grandma Martha will always serve up your java with a smile, you need to know where to look for single, smart women in your approximate age group. Here are a few locales to check out, and two to avoid at all costs.


If you graduated ten years ago and haven’t set foot on campus since, you’re asking me “who wants to date a college girl at my age?” First of all, it’s important to remember that institutes of higher learning are not just for students. Plays, sporting events, guest speakers of note, and charity fundraisers on campus often draw huge crowds from the surrounding communities. Guess who goes to these events? Alumni, current students, and the educated population. You also have the option of taking a course or two in the adult education offerings. Learning a new skill, developing your appreciation for art, or raising money for charity are all worthy of your time. If you happen to meet a special someone at the same time, all the better.

Charity and Volunteer Work

Whether it’s volunteering a few hours a week at the local animal shelter, tutoring a group of students in math, or handing out the tater-tots at the homeless shelter, charity and volunteer work gets you out into the community. Not only will you feel better about yourself for doing it, you will be exposed to a wider variety of people. In this variety will be eligible females who may like to get to know another do-gooder like herself. Even if you meet no one to date, you will undoubtedly make new friends who will just love for you to meet their sister/room-mate/cousin/female friend. Extending your network this way brings the hotties. Trust me.


No, not the kind where they blast techno music and everyone grinds on any available surface until two AM! I’m talking about hobby or social clubs. Picking the right one can indeed be tricky. You are not likely to meet many women at the local HAM radio or Pyrotechnics gathering. Choose something enjoyed by both genders, such as dog showing or training, music performance or appreciation, or a study group. Ethnic gatherings for people sharing a common immigrant or ancestral background such as Italian, German, Czechoslovakian, Russian, etc. are also great for meeting women of similar tastes. When two people both grew up eating Nana’s blintzes, pierogies, or pizzelles, there are already common topics.

Avoid Bars

If you want to meet a woman, getting tipsy and shouting at her over the blare of questionable music is not the way to do it. Neither is contracting VD just from touching the barstool. Bars can be great for kicking back with a few friends, but they are awful places to meet new people. Just don’t.

Run Screaming from ‘Singles’ Events

Any party, dance, or picnic geared towards singles usually attracts about three men for every available woman. The ladies are so intimidated by the intense attention that they often leave quickly or huddle together in a tight, impenetrable group. An hour into a singles event, it’s a sausage-fest. You could hang out with your buddies at your house and have more fun. Not to be harsh, but singles events are also often frequented by extremely desperate people. A relationship should be an enhancement to your already-awesome life, not your entire purpose in life.

So there you have it, guys! To meet women, get out and do something in the community that doesn’t involve inebriation or screams desperation. Be yourself, live your life out in the world, and good things will happen.

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