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Old Computer

Geek 101 – How Do I Find My MAC Address?

February 13, 2011 | Comments (1)

What is a MAC address? A Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique ID assigned to a network device. It is made up of six pairs of characters separated by colons, like this: 01:11:11:11:11:ab Each character can be a digit from “0” to “9” or a letter from “a” to “f.” Sometimes when the […]

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Zombie Garden Statue

Nerds in Suburbia: Home Furnishings

February 9, 2011 | Comments (0)

While the stereotypical geek lives in his Mom’s basement, surrounded by tech next to a mini-fridge stocked with Mountain Dew, some have created their own little havens in the suburbs. You never know, we could be your neighbor! Here are some of the most awesome home furnishings a nerd could ever want to pimp their […]

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Natalie Portman as Queen Amidala

Women of Sci-Fi Spotlight: Natalie Portman

February 7, 2011 | Comments (2)

Sharing the birth date of June 9th with other A-listers Johnny Depp and Michael J. Fox, Natalie Portman’s success almost seems predestined. Recognized primarily for her portrayal of Padme Amidala in Star Wars episodes one through three, Natalie is also an accomplished scholar with a love of mathematics “because there’s always an answer.” A two-time […]

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Robonaut 2

Watch the Super Bowl Pregame Show, For the Robots

February 6, 2011 | Comments (0)

Now I have a geeky excuse to watch the Super Bowl pregame show on Fox.  Robonaut 2 (R2) is going to make an appearance there today.  R2 is scheduled to launch into space via the shuttle at the end of this month. Although I don’t like the implications that something like this could effectively end manned […]

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Old Computer

Geek 101 – How to Find Your IP Address

February 5, 2011 | Comments (2)

What is an IP address? The “IP” in IP address stands for “Internet Protocol.” An IPv4 address is four numbers separated by periods. For example, localhost, the IP address your computer uses to send information to itself for testing, is The size of this address limits the number of devices that can possibly be […]

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Nerdy Girl with Abacus

How Not to Meet Women: The Nerd’s Mating Call

February 3, 2011 | Comments (3)

While there are certain geek-centric segues one can use to attract females, these cringe-worthy gems are sure to earn you a slap to the face, a bewildered expression, or a cutting comeback. Here is a non-comprehensive list of pickup lines to avoid if you like having your pride, and teeth, intact. Thinly-veiled references are never a […]

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Droid X

I Need More Apps For My Droid X

February 1, 2011 | Comments (3)

OK, it’s been 2 months since I upgraded from a flip phone to the exciting new world of smart phones. And besides the default apps that came installed on my Droid X, I have the following: Fart Machine– by Twisted Device. This is a soundboard that has like 35 or so flatulence noises.  I thought it […]

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