Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

A conflict that is decades old involving a captain of the Starship Enterprise and a gold bikini clad princess from a galaxy far far away has recently resurfaced. The actors portraying these iconic characters have taken a few jabs at one another over which science fiction franchise is superior.

Carrie Fisher made disparaging remarks about the term Klingon and compared it to laundry detergent. Furthermore, the actress negatively commented on the stretchy fabric of Captain Kirk’s uniform.

William Shatner retaliated by teasing Fisher on how she would look in the gold bikini today stating that she would need plenty of uplifting for it to fit properly.

Both of the popular sci-fi franchises have enormous fan bases with plenty of supporters who love them both. “Star Trek” began in 1966 with Shatner at the helm of the Starship Enterprise. The franchise is responsible for an additional five multiple season television shows along with 11 major films and comic books. The series presents its audience with exploration, morality and major discoveries.

“Star Wars” began its journey in 1977, and fans everywhere were enthralled with the space conflict between the Sith and the Jedi. After the initial success of the “Star Wars” movies, the franchise expanded into fiction novels, comic books and video games.

Fans of each series have argued for decades over which sci-fi franchise is better and will surely continue the disagreement for years to come. The fact is fans win either way as both shows are filled with plenty of sci-fi moments to keep us enthralled.

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  1. Frank Moore says:

    In my opinion, I would have to go with Star Wars. I grew up with it, and loved it. I also like the legacy that came out afterwards, hell, they are still making awesome star war video games to this day. It’s one of those films that you will never forget.

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