Will There Ever be a Movie Based on the Legend of Zelda?


Legend of Zelda Title Screen 8-bit

The original Legend of Zelda was the fourth best selling game of the NES platform, and Spike TV has decided to grant the title its inaugural Video Game Hall of Fame award. The series has been adapted as a number of manga volumes that were not only endorsed by Nintendo, but also reportedly commissioned by the firm. However, there has never been a movie based on this particular video game.

The Legend of Zelda TV Show: Meh

Sadly, the 1989 television series is really the only time that Link has made it onto a screen outside of a game with any semblance of success.

That being said, it is difficult to call that show successful from a grown up fan’s point of view. The show had somewhat of a romantic comedy feel to it, considering that every episode featured Link trying to kiss Zelda and failing.

Moreover, few fans these days would really want to listen to Link extol a catchphrase that was as cheesy as the one that he used in that show. “Well excuse me, Princess!” does little to inspire confidence.

Someone is Making Movies

There was a famous April Fool’s Day joke that had many people believing that a film based on the adventures of everyone’s favorite Kokiri was in the making.

To date, though, there really have only been fan attempts at doing so. Nevertheless, the quality and production values of fan works are often not as bad as one thinks.

Fans have heart, as opposed to many studios, and this can translate into excellence in storytelling. Then again, it can also be looked at as an extended cosplay session on camera.

Animation or Live-Action?

Still, one might believe that the Legend of Zelda could work very well on screen if it was taken seriously enough. A Hollywood movie that was as focused as any other fantasy costume drama could be very entertaining.

There have been numerous motion pictures that take place in the European Middle Ages, and many of these have been popular. This sort of setting could translate well to the Legend of Zelda, but then again, it might be more at home as an animated feature anyways. After all, this type of an arrangement would allow the manga adaptation to translate better to the screen.

High quality animation work done in Japan would naturally outshine anything that the 1989 had.

Regardless of which film making technique were chosen, it would be important to have fans and probably Miyamoto Shigeru himself involved. This would help those behind the movie to keep focus. That being said, there is nothing to suggest that such a movie is actually in the works, and considering what could happen, this might be for the best. At least Japanese fans had the radio drama to keep them company.

4 thoughts on “Will There Ever be a Movie Based on the Legend of Zelda?

  1. I think making The Legend of Zelda movie would take Scifi, adventure, and hero, theme movies to another level. Every Zelda game has a great story to it with unpredictable events that will keep anyone playing to see what outcomes lie in Links paths to save Princess Zelda and keep The Land of Hyrule safe from minions like Ganon and other who try to apprehend the Triforce of Wisdom. Its time for a new hero to be noticed and wont be talked about besides the gaming world. Image a realistick movie like this in the big screen. I’ll be waiting as well as others. Please don’t delay on making a film this spectacular!!!

  2. I believe so, I never thought theyd put a Halo movie into production but they did, it would want to be good and not destroy the reputation of the hugely popular game.

  3. I don’t really like the idea of having the Legend of Zelda become a movie. Most movies that are based on video games are pretty bad. And the story for the Legend of Zelda isn’t even done yet. The chronological order of the games are still messed up.

    1. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Brothers (ugh the worst). You’re right, the track record isn’t too promising.

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