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The words reboot and re-imagining are among the most hated in a purist’s vocabulary. When Marvel announced plans to reboot the Spider-Man film franchise with a new creative team and a new cast, fans instantly took to the Internet in droves to voice their displeasure. The world of comic books is filled with reboots and re-imaginings, however, so is it possible that Marvel knows exactly what they’re doing, and that the fans are going to be pleased by the end result?

The latest trailer depicts some of Spider-Man’s trademark wit, and it has also given this writer a few reasons to believe that Andrew Garfield will be able to pull off the role of Spider-Man, both physically and emotionally, even if he was shown occasionally sporting a hairstyle that would have made the comic book version of Peter Parker cringe.

Things to be Excited About

The latest cinematic rendering of Spider-Man incorporates Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy’s relationship, and having that be a main focus is a nice touch. It is also extremely exciting to hear that the majority of the stunts in the film were actually performed by a mixture of Andrew Garfield and some stunt men. This means that the total amount of CGI in the film will be dramatically reduced from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films, and most people agree that real is almost always better than CGI.

Another big item in the plus column for this film is that Spider-Man fans will actually get to see the character of The Lizard on screen. Finally, the casting of actors such as Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Denis Leary brings a bit of a classy touch to the franchise.

Things to be Concerned About

The shift in Peter and Gwen’s relationship is a bit troubling; after all, Peter hiding the fact that he’s Spider-Man from Gwen was a major component of their relationship. Allowing her to know that he’s the person behind the mask changes the entire dynamic. Many fans are also disturbed to see the inclusion of Parker’s parents, along with their secret past.

This is a major shift to the timeline, and it’s likely to have a big impact on the overall story line; whether that impact will be positive or negative, however, remains to be seen.

Release Information

The Amazing Spider-Man will be released in the United States on July 3rd, 2012, and will be released worldwide between June 28th and July 6th.

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  1. darthvader6666 says:

    I am a big fan of Spider-Man(comic books,cartoons,movies…).I think this movie is going to be a huge success.Everyone loves Peter Parker!!!He is giving us a life lesson:with great power comes great responsibility!!!Reboot or not..i will watch it! :)

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