Ten Nerdalicious Non-Mainstream Movies


Bored and Nerdy? Here are some ‘off the beaten path’ movies you need to put on your netflix queue:

Nerdy guy at a movie theatre
Hey, why am I alone at the movies? Oh, that's right, I'm anti-social.

Bored and Nerdy? Here are some ‘off the beaten path’ movies you need to put on your Netflix queue:

Dark City (1998)

A man struggles with long past memories of the life he once lived, including a wife he can not seem to remember. This man lives in a strange world that has no sun and is run by telekinetic beings who devour the souls of humans who still inhabit the earth.

Robot Stories (2003)

This movie surrounds itself around the stories of four different individuals who are trying to connect in a world that is full of robotics. The stories include, “Clay”, “My Robot Baby”, “The Robot Fixer”, and “Machine Love”.

Pi (1998)

A brilliant mathematician who suffers from paranoia, tries to search for the meaning behind the equation “pi”. Upon strenuous research, he finds that he can unlock universal patterns using this equation.

The Lathe of Heaven (2002)

A man named George Orr can change reality with his dreams. After being institutionalized for abusing sleep-inhibiting drugs, George befriends a psychiatrist who discovers his talent and tries to teach George to use it only for good.

Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Living in a world where men and robots are almost interchangeable, a robotic female cop and her partner in crime hunt a mysterious and strange hacker known only as the Puppet Master.

A Boy and his Dog (1975)

After the apocalypse, earth has become filled with savage humans who are out for themselves. A lonely boy travels with his dog, whom he can speak to telepathically. The two travel into an underground society where the occupants are living in old society ways.

Logan’s Run (1976)

After a powerful nuclear war, people live in domed societies where they all die at the age of thirty. Anyone who does not want to die when their time is up and try to escape will be tracked down by individuals known as Sandmen. Logan, one of the Sandmen, is forced to search for the “sanctuary” – the place where escaped people have gone to.

Donnie Darko (2001)

A strange teenager named Donnie is tortured by images of a large and menacing-looking bunny. This bunny manipulates Donnie into performing heinous crimes and acts that trouble his average, middle class parents.

A Scanner Darkly (2006)

While working as an undercover cop in the future, Bob Arctor becomes addicted to a new drug that has swept the city streets known as Substance D.

Akira (1988)

Tokyo is in great danger when a secret military project known as “Akira” turns a biker member into a menacing psychopath. As the film progresses, the people of Tokyo learn about Akira and its dangers.

6 thoughts on “Ten Nerdalicious Non-Mainstream Movies

  1. Oh I loved Robot Stories! But then again, I love all movies with a robot like Bicentennial Man… and Robocop. Does that count? haha That’s a classic.

  2. Wow. An excellent list! Haven’t seen ‘Boy and his Dog’ yet and I must be the only person on the planet who actually did not care for ‘Ghost in the Shell’ but this is one of the most spot on ‘Top 10 Lists’ I have seen.

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