Top 5 Arcade Game Babes


Gaming babes sure have changed since the early days of stand-up arcade machines. Where once we could rely on a pixel or two to create a healthy cleavage, these days, one sexy pair of lips is made up of thousands of colors and even more pixels than you can shake a giant, unwieldy joystick at.

The Lovely Princess Daphne ~ Dragon’s Lair

Who could forget the bodacious Princess Daphne? There were many obstacles between the young drooling gamers and a glimpse of Daphne’s fine form. Mostly, those things were an insanely hard game, quick moving frame rates, and the dreaded fifty-cents.

Although Dragon’s Lair was the first game to spring up that cost two quarters, it certainly did not stop frivolous twelve-year-old boys all over the country from sinking their weekly investment into a slight chance at a fleeting glimpse of the incredible Princess D.

Isabella “Ivy” Valentine – Soul Caliber

Isabella Valentine first appeared in the Soul series of arcade fighting games as Ivy Blade. Since her first appearance in Soul Caliber, she has become a fairly iconic female gaming character due mostly to her incredibly epic proportions in combination with a fine flair for exceedingly daring clothing selections.

One element that made Ivy so unique was her unique otherworldly look. Aside from her wildly sci-fi suit, complete with Terminator-style overly armored left arm, she sported a short purple bob instead of the common big hair of the times.

Tyris Flare – Golden Axe

If there was anything in the arcade that drew our attention away from the pain and frustration of Dragon’s Lair, it was spying the game across the room that sported not one, nor two, but four giant 7-inch high joysticks on one machine. Tyris Flare was the mad barbarian chick of early hack-n-slash arcade gaming.

Due to the significantly inept pixilation in the year 1989, we could only yet imagine, but I am quite sure that many of us could still tell that her biceps rivaled those of any other savage Amazonian. Not one of us ever cared that she seemed to enjoy creeping through cemeteries in nothing more than a baby blue string bikini and some knee high red boots.

Chun-Li – Street Fighter

Chun-Li was a secret Interpol agent. On a mission to defeat the infamous M. Bison, Chun-Li came out kicking and angry with plans to avenge the death of her father. Luckily for us, she came out kicking in what was likely at least America’s first taste of Anime babe clothing. Her tight-tights and puffy Lea headgear paled in comparison to her yet paler bosoms.

Chun-Li was no shrinking miss. She was nearly as big as some of the male characters and brought one serious attitude with her. Although many young lookyloo’s spent much time pounding the keys to set off her spinning bird kick that gave more than a passing glance of her pre-anime babe g-string undies.

Kitana – Mortal Kombat

Another kickin’ babe made her way onto the renowned Mortal Kombat arcade game series. Kitana showed up in her stringy and stretchy spandex warrior princess outfit, dual-wielding geisha girl fans that doubled as something similar to razor sharp skill saws, and kicked her way across the screen in her tawdry attire, straight into the hearts of many young gamer boys and girls; but mostly the boys.

Kitana came with another bonus, an evil twin sister named Mileena. Although her looks were deceiving, back in those days, you could fairly judge your friends mental stability by which characters they favored in their favorite video games. Needless to say, Kitana and her equally undressed sister’s pleasant side were an arcade hit.

This is a guest post by Joy Lynskey. Joy is a writer for Liberty Games the no. 1 online retailer of arcade machines.

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