Why Hunters Rock in World of Warcraft


In World of Warcraft (WoW) the new player has a choice of many types of characters and races. Hunters have always been very popular due to the usability of the class. The hunter class is very versatile and fun to play. They do specialize as a DPS class, but they have always been up toward the top of the damage charts. Hunters do have some highlights that make them very attractive to new players.

  • Hunters get a pet to fight beside them from level 1. They changed this with the launch of the latest expansion, Cataclysm. With the pet, the hunter can allow the pet to tank the target while they do damage from a distance. This is ideal because the hunter will level faster with faster kills and more quest completions.
  • Hunters have excellent crowd control using various traps and shots. Hunters have quite the arsenal of traps and shots that can be used to not only help lock down opponents but can silence casters as well. The frost trap is very useful when you are being pursued because when it is triggered it freezes a large area that slows your opponent’s movement. In Player vs. Player (PvP) situations, pets like a spider are ideal due to the web ability. The ice trap can be used to freeze and silence a single target for up to a minute; which is often used in dungeons or raid encounters.
  • Hunters can tame rare and exotic pets with special abilities. These rare pets can include spirit beasts, shale spiders, cinderweb spiders, and elite turtles to just name a few. Each of these types of beasts will actually enhance the party you are in with special bonuses. So if you are missing a particular buff, you can swap pets and fill out the needs of the group.
  • Hunters can have up to 20 pets in their stable and have 5 slots on them which allow them to select the one “active” pet at any given time. This way the hunter can have a variety of pets available to access for a multitude of purposes, making them very versatile and fun to play.

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