How Many Times Do You Have to Reboot a Series?


The Amazing Spiderman

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This seems to be the motto of Hollywood producers, especially when it comes to science fiction and super-hero flicks. Every time an attempt to remake a movie fails, or whenever an actor decides their done with the series, Hollywood just starts from scratch.

I can understand certain circumstances, such as an aging cast for the Star Trek series, can make continuation impossible. I can even understand a director wanting to redo an old film that might have inspired them to learn their trade. It just seems like now the reboot time is about 5-6 years. How long has it been since the Spider-Man movies came out? 10 years at the most? And now here they go again.

Please, Hollywood, at least give the movie time to come out on DVD before you start planning to remake it – it’s getting a little bit old.

2 thoughts on “How Many Times Do You Have to Reboot a Series?

  1. Hollywood goes for safe franchised sci-fi and superhero flicks including movies that will potentially have fanbases from superheros or sci-fi characters in comics, video games or prior films. Hollywood and “original” have become oxymorons.

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