Nerdy Sci-Fi Videos


Sci-fi parodies have been created multiple times to mimic different movies, television shows and franchises. Several attention grabbing spoofs are:

Who knew that a flying hand-held grocery basket could look so much like a flying space vehicle? Well, the creators of this short food themed “Star Wars” parody discovered that it could and pieced together several memorable movie moments. With character names that include “Obi-Wan-Cannoli” and “Cuc Skywalker,” makers have mimicked the movie franchise expertly.

The dark side features several dozen eggs with glasses and helmets drawn on to look just like Storm Troopers and creators even included the famous bar scene from the first film. Furthermore, the dark side smartly depicts pesticide use and radiation as dark elements of the farm.

The battle scene where the apple is shot and falls over is laugh out-loud funny and when “Princess Lettuce” and “Ham Solo” appear, the action intensifies. Of course the parody wouldn’t be complete without “Darth Tater” who battles “Cuc Skywalker” with his red light saber.

Carol Burnett is certainly old school, but her humor stands the test of time with this old “Star Trek” clip from the “Carol Burnett Show.” The writers created an anomaly where the crew enters an estrogen field that causes the main characters on the show to become women.

The creators decided to enhance the size of their breasts inventing a great moment with Spock and Kirk, played by Carol Burnett, feeling each other up. Captain Kirk is faced with an attack by the Klingons and decides to defend the ship by forcing their enemy through the same estrogen anomaly, which turns the Klingon captain into a woman too. With the threat eliminated, Kirk makes a speech about the age of women making the universe a better place, but in typical Burnett fashion, she makes fun of the Klingon captain’s outfit and shows the real nature of women.

This show’s creator used an old 1995 film in which Patrick Stewart portrays a gay man to invent a hilarious moment during “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The video begins as a regular episode with Captain Picard ordering Wharf to check a computer recording of a breach, but a scene showing Stewart’s gay role in “Jeffrey” appears instead, when Picard sees this moment, he laughs it off.

Next, the monitor flashes to another scene with Stewart and his boyfriend from “Jeffrey” wearing the same bright pink shirt. After this scene flashes on the monitor, Riker turns to Picard and says “I would of liked to have known that Jean Luc Picard.” Picard responds by saying “Perhaps we should loosen things up a bit.” The clever individual who pieced together this funny bit of film did so perfectly creating a hilarious parody for us to enjoy.

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The creators who thought up a roommate situation involving the monster from “Aliens” and the creature from “Predator” are geniuses. There are several roommate moments involving these two angry beasts floating around on “YouTube,” but extra-credit must be given for the shower scene.

The video begins with Alien scrubbing with soap in the shower as Predator comes into the bathroom. The Predator stands watching Alien cleansing herself and then reaches down to flush the toilet causing Alien to freak-out flailing her tail and screaming her Alien scream. You remember the scream from the movie “Alien” when she’s hunting the main character of Ripley portrayed by Sigourney Weaver. This is a video that should be enjoyed and shared with everyone you know.

These videos have come from the minds of a few witty individuals and were clearly created with humor in mind. They increased the enjoyment of my day and will hopefully do the same for you.

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