Odd Music Videos


Nerdy Tik Tok

This clever nerd takes Ke$ha’s hit song “Tik Tok” to a new geeky level with his snappy references to “Star Wars”, “Star Trek” and “Dr. Who.” He even went to the trouble of creating an entire video to go with his remake. Unfortunately, singing on-key was not a big priority unlike my Russian guy. However, the editing is quite good and the video is put together well. The taped glasses are classic and with the “Harry Potter” comments and costuming, he makes being a nerd look pretty awesome. My eye was drawn to several décor items within the home such as the fancy wallpaper border on the wall and the flower spray on the wall. Also, his cast of characters seems to be having as much fun as he is, although his backup singer’s vocal abilities are pretty awful.

Facial Gesturing Duo

I have to wonder how long it took these two talented Asian guys to get their moves down. One is dressed in a red sweat outfit while the other is wearing blue. I was extremely impressed with their carefully choreographed facial movements, but the action intensifies when they include their entire bodies. Also, the music is quite fast and this crazy duo work together perfectly. It appears to be a comedic form of dinner theater with the audience seated around tables set below them laughing at every geeky facial twist. They perform solo and together. I had to laugh at the red guy’s still facial expression during blue’s solo performance. He has a perfect dorky look on his face.

The Old Standby Trolololo guy

This Russian guy’s grin is over the top in a creepy sort of way. Among my favorite aspects of this video is that he never sings a word. I also get a kick out his unnatural laughing toward the end. It was filmed in 1976 giving us a glimpse of the clothing styles worn in Russia during this era. Also, I have found myself fascinated by the fact that he doesn’t move his mouth very much while singing. The squiggly décor behind him is a talking point and his “Rick Perryesq” or Ken doll hair makes a fashion statement all its own. The dancing is jazzy too and he certainly seems to be having a fun time. The notes are sung on key, although several of my family members thought he might be lip-syncing. I considered switching my ring tone to his joyful “La La Las,” but was vetoed by others in my household.

Street Performer Spock

This street musician cunningly performs his original song about Mr. Spock while wearing a split “Star Trek” uniform. One side of his outfit is blue and the other is yellow. Also, he has included extra-large pointy ears to great comic effect. However, he has put together more than just a song by adding a friend standing behind him with pictures that enhance his performance. At one point audience members toss packing peanuts at him during a choreographed moment when he’s singing about an asteroid attack. I laughed out loud when he appears to sing inappropriately about “certain areas of Mr. Spock’s body,” but he switches it at the last minute to cognitive powers and later cosmic consciousness.

Hopefully these videos made you smile if not laugh out loud and who knows the next time you hear a Russian guy singing joyfully through a ringtone, it might be my phone regaling you.

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