People Who Need To Be Slapped – Volume 1


Smug Prius Lady

This obnoxious gas-bag just can’t stand the fact that someone else in the world drives a car with worse gas mileage than hers. She proceeds to lay out a profanity laced diatribe against a married couple and their children.  All because they had the nerve to keep the truck running while they were in a parking lot. You can see the self-righteousness roll right off her obese face. Speaking of, how many millions of cows had to die to support her lifestyle. This family gets an A+ for not rolling over her Prius like a Monster Truck Rally.

Crybaby Murderers

So you just got sentenced to life in prison for the death of a child. What do you do? Why you act like a fool in court! Looks like both defendants (dressed in unflattering prison stripes) and possibly a family member start wailing, crying, hyperventilating, and laying down on the floor. One gets wheeled off in a chair supposedly unresponsive. Perhaps they are trying for a retrial with an insanity plea.

Source article at DailyMail.

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