Nerdly Videos: Dancing Edition

In my wanderings around the ‘net, I have amassed quite a favorites folder. Most of it is work related, some links are to blogs I frequent, but, on the very bottom of the list, I have compiled a sub-folder that exists purely for the laughs. Here are my top four picks for nerdalicious, awesomely bad dancing videos. Enjoy!

Trek Fan Busts a Move

This guy makes up for his lack of talent with sheer exuberance. Balding, bespectacled, and with a matching bag of dice dangling from one hip, he pulls off a sprinkler, a running man, and makes several lol-worthy booty gyrations. Onlookers appear flabbergasted at his enthusiasm, but this doesn’t deter him from shaking it like a Polaroid picture. He does all of this while decked out in full fleet uniform, although his fruity side-kick action is decidedly undignified. At the end of the video, he is replaced by a far more self-conscious man in a Batman t-shirt. Live long and try not to suffer a rupture!


Can’t Touch Darth Vader

Disney is known for their dance routines, most of which are saccharine, overblown, and far more suited to the kiddies in the crowd than the adults. This number, however, is obviously geared towards those of us that remember MC Hammer in all his glistening glory, crab-dancing his way across the stage in gigantic pants and an Aladdin-esque vest. In this video, Vader and a group of Stormtroopers drop it like it’s hot to the strains of ‘Can’t Touch This’, complete with pelvic thrusts and spins! The adults go wild, but the kids in the audience look positively stupefied.


Dancing Terminator

This video only has 422 views, about a dozen of which are just from me and my family laughing hysterically while trying not to fall off the couch. Singing a song of his own invention over a canned techno beat, the guy does his version of The Robot. He calls himself The Dancing Terminator. Yes, he really is wearing a tinfoil hat. Yes, he really is sitting fully-clothed on a toilet at the end of the sequence. Shot with a jerky hand-held, including uncomfortably-close close-ups, and lighted with colored strobes, this clip looks like The Blair Witch Project in Hell.


The Transformers Wax Zombie

Someone with entirely too must time on their hands animated this clip of Transformers dancing to Thriller by Michael Jackson, complete with matched speech, shadows, and lightning effects. Any fan of the series can appreciate the pure camp of this video, whether you grew up watching them on Saturday morning cartoons or on your parents’ DVDs.

Once you’ve recovered from your throes of glee, why not have a little fun and try these dances out yourself? Tinfoil hat and toilet optional, of course.

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